FAQ (자주 묻는 질문과 답변)

Q [Visa Extension] What documents are required when I applying for a visa extension?

A. Please prepare the following documents yourself.

1. Photo (3X4)

2. The home contract signed by you. If the home contract is not under your name, please prepare the following documents.

1) Confirmation of residency

2) Alien registration card (copy) of the person who signed the contract.


3. Alien registration card (copy)

4. Valid passport(copy)

5. Transcript of the previous school (original)

6. Certificate of graduation of the previous school (original)

7. Certificate of family relationship

8. Bank statement of transaction for 6 months from the date of visit to the immigration office (6 months)

9. Certificate of bank balance (above USD 10,000)

10. Certificate of overseas remittance

The following documents are issued by the office of International Education Institute.

1. Certificate of admission

2. Certificate of business registration of the school

3. Certificate of tuition fee