FAQ (자주 묻는 질문과 답변)

Q. [Refund of tuition] Please tell me about the refund of tuition.

A. After the start of classes, tuition will be refunded according to school regulations.


1. Before the start of the semester: Full tuition refund

2. Within 1 month after the start of the semester: 5/6 refund of tuition

3. Within 2 months from the date 1 month has passed since the start of the semester: 4/6 of tuition refund

4. Within 3 months from the date 2 months after the start of the semester: 3/6 of tuition refund

5. After 3 months from the beginning of the semester: No refund


* Overseas applicants: Cancellation of registration due to non-approval of visa will be refunded in full. However, the overseas remittance fee is borne by the student himself/herself.

* Domestic applicants: In case of visa disapproval due to reasons attributable to the applicant (lack of proof of balance, overseas remittance problems, etc.), the refund will be made after reduction of exemption according to school regulations.

* If both overseas and domestic applicants give up admission or drop out of school before the visa result is released or after the visa has been approved, the refund will be reduced and exempted according to the school regulations.